Social Media For Local Businesses

Social Media For Local Marketing

The rise of social media in the last few years has been astonishing. Founded in 2004, Facebook, for example, had 850 million users in December 2011, 80% of whom are outside North America. So as local marketing platforms, sites like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn can no longer be ignored.

Some local businesses use, for example, Facebook pages. But many just post about their products and services, like a classified ad. They’ve forgotten that social media is …..SOCIAL!

Imagine meeting up with friends in the pub. Would you just talk about your products and services with them? They’d get pretty bored if you did. There’s no difference in interacting with people using social media except that the internet’s between the people rather than air.

Promoting your local business using social media can be very effective. However, it’s very time consuming. For example, posts on the various platforms have to be written, with the occasional promotion of your goods and services.

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