Local Marketing For Small Businesses

Local Marketing – Are you giving business to your competitors?

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to find goods and services locally. But many local businesses think that using the internet is only relevant for big businesses. How wrong they are! Local businesses that get into online local marketing have a massive advantage over their competitors.

Google actually help local business with their local marketing. Google Places is Google’s local marketing platform.

Have you noticed that between two and ten local businesses appear if you search for a particular local product or service? That’s Google Places. You can claim your business’s Google Places listing for free. Beware! Some unscrupulous marketers will charge you hundreds of pounds all they do is just claim the listing for you.

So if every, say, solicitors’ firm in an area claimed its Google Places listing claims, how does Google decide which listings appear in Google Places? Google looks at relevance, distance and prominence.

Relevance is the match for what a Google user is typing into the search engine, so if your business is, say, stationery printing in London, then if someone types ‘stationery printing in London’, then your business should rank highly for relevance.

Google considers the distance from the user’s location (as far as it knows) to your business’s location. This is particularly important if a user is using a mobile internet device such as a smartphone. They might be looking for a a particular business to use immediately, for example, ‘Indian restaurants in Kensington’.

Lastly, Google looks at what it calls ‘prominence’. Google searches the internet for what it calls ‘citations’, i.e. the name of your business, its address and telephone number.

There’s not much you can do about relevance and location, but at Sonanti, we can help you increase your prominence, by increasing the number of citations. So if you’d like to optimise your Google Places listing and boost your local marketing, call us on !!!!!!!!!!!!